The Daisy Crookeds & Fristap | De Kwakel, September 2018

A few weeks ago I traveled to De Kwakel again, eight months after being introduced to it for the first time. We were invited for a concert by The Daisy Crookeds, a band in which one of our friends plays. Afterwards, we could stay for jamming and we would camp there for the night.

We arrived there at around 19h30 – a lucky detour on the road led us to take the pretty route – and we set our camping gear soon enough, before it got too dark and too damp. As time ticked by, more and more people gathered by the main greenhouse, and eventually chairs were put in place for the concert. Around 20h30, the concert began.

The Daisy Crookeds is a Belgian band formed by The Daisies – three female singers – and The Crookeds – guitar, dobro, fiddle, banjo, and double bass. They play mostly Bluegrass, and they are great! I had seen them before, in Ranst, where they won first place at the Sterk Onversterkt, a music contest for acoustic bands, and it was really nice to have the chance to see them perform again. I think it is safe to say that the rest of the crowd loved them as well.


Fristap was, to many, the surprise of the night, because this concert was not announced before the event. Dieter “Fristap” Fierens is a singer-songwriter who is going to launch his first album, Het Transland, on the 21st of September.

It’s important to note that it was Dieter who brought me into this Bluegrass group in the first place; he introduced me to all of the people I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with the last few months, and I’m forever grateful to him for that. I had the chance to follow the writing process of his album, and it was a delight seeing him perform a “test gig” for the first time, with a band, along with Laurens Joensen, who produced the album, and Henrik Holm. I’ll write more about his concert and album in another post, after the album’s official release, and after his first official concert, which will take place in Mol this Friday.

For now, you can watch the video os his first single, De Tolmin Kloof.


After both concerts, which were too good and too short, it was time for jamming. Two jams began, as people sort of divided into groups along the greenhouses and started playing together. Eventually, a fire was set outside, to lessen the cold that had started to settle at the beginning of the evening, and was bound to get worse, and our small group gathered around it, singing in turns and just having good fun.

We’ll still have one more jam session at De Kwakel before the end of the year, and I’m looking forward to it.

The pretty route to De Kwakel, somewhere between Rotterdam and Amsterdam

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