Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is one of my favourite writers, and yet, even I have trouble reading some of his books, like American Gods or Anansi Gods. The Graveyard Book, on the other hand, or Good Omens (written with Terry Pratchett), I devoured quickly, so I’m always excited when a new release is announced.

Norse Mythology was edited last year but I still hadn’t gotten around to read it, mostly because it wasn’t a completely original work, but also because I had very little knowledge of the Norse gods. I was afraid that, in the same fashion as American Gods, I would be put off by its intricate tales, and end up giving up on the book. So, I decided to give it a try… in audio form.

I love audiobooks, and one of the perks of my job is that I can usually listen to audiobooks during working hours. It’s great to declutter that TBR pile, while making the job easier.

I can’t read non-fiction, but I can listen to it. I have trouble reading boring, dense books, but I can listen to them. This said, I decided to try Norse Mythology as audiobook and it was the best decision I’ve made.

Neil Gaiman is a storyteller, not only as a writer, but as a reader, and I’ve lost count the times I’ve listened to this recording of The Graveyard Book. For weeks I’d finish the book and start it again. And again. And again. This recording is the reason why I fell so in love with audiobooks: it’s funny, entertaining, and you can tell Neil Gaiman is having fun, playing with the audience’s expectations and reactions.

Norse Mythology is a delight; the stories are as interesting and mesmerizing, as they are impossible. I got to know the Norse Gods in a fun way and, most importantly, by Gaiman’s own words.

I loved the book, and I’m really glad I picked it up. Maybe I’ll give the printed version a try sometime. The chapters can easily be read individually, so it’s a good book to pick up from time to time, to read at random.


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