Fristap | Het Transland

Fristap is the man-and-guitar project of the Belgian Dieter Fierens.

Dieter is a friend, and it was great seeing his debut album finally come to the stage. The concert that marked the album’s official release took place last Friday, the 21st of September, at the headquarters of FC Hemelboys, in his hometown of Mol-Raw.

It was an intimist, heartwarming performance, where Dieter allowed us a glimpse into his made-up world: Het Transland. This is the title of the album, the place he found himself in during a dark period of his life. All songs were written last year, in ten weeks, from the moment that a long-lasting relationship came to an end. From it, and with the pain of its ending, the songs started to take shape, and Dieter poured his heart into each of them. It is, for that, a very personal and very open album, with artful, honest lyrics.

But this album isn’t made only of grief and loss; there are hopeful songs which cherish the small good things that come with heartbreak: the support of friends, the way we get to relearn who we are and what we truly want, and how sometimes it is by losing what we hold most dear, that we have the courage to become more our own selves.

On stage, Het Transland is made or colourful cardboard paraphernalia, in an original, funny, and creative performance, with the added talents of Laurens Joensen (producer) on the guitar and mandolin, and Henrik Holm on the bass and nyckelharpa.

Photo by Jeroen Jongsma

The album will be available on the Fristap platform very soon; in the meantime, you can order it by sending an e-mail to Dieter will be touring across Belgium and The Netherlands, so you can also acquire his album and other cool merchandising at his concerts. If you live around these parts, make sure you keep an eye out for new events on his Facebook page.

Het Transland

For now, feel welcome to listen to a few of his songs on his Soundcloud page, and to watch the video of his first single, De Tolminkloof, on his Youtube channel.


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