The Idumea Quartet In Rotterdam


A couple of weeks ago, on the first weekend of October, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop hosted by the Bluegrass Halfway House, in Dalerveen. If you are following me on Instagram, I posted a little sneak peek of the place. I won’t dwell much on it right now, because the workshop deserves a post by itself, but through it I got to know Jane Rothfield, who spent most of the weekend teaching us how to properly play our instruments (this is me making a bad summary of what went on that weekend, but I’ll get to it very soon).

Jane is a full-time musician who also organises workshops and bandcamps all over the place, and she has many projects going on. If you want to learn about them in detail you can better do that by checking her Facebook page. Last Friday, one of her bands played in Rotterdam, and I got to see it.

The Idumea Quartet is made of four string instruments and the talented people who play them: Nathan Bontrager (cello), Ewan Macdonald (fiddle), Becka Wolfe (viola), and Jane Rothfield (fiddle). The result is a beautiful array of arrangements who blend so well together you’ll be sorry to see the concert come to an end. Those who were able to catch them last Friday had the chance to watch a very personal, open-hearted concert of Oldtime music, in a cosy place, just across the grounds of the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival (both events were hosted by Kito).

To be fair, I only learned about Oldtime music a few weeks ago, but I’m really appreciating what I’m discovering. There’s a great podcast that I’ve been listening to at work the last weeks, hosted by Cameron DeWhitt, who interviews many Oldtime musicians, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve been enjoying it. But that’s also for another post.

Someone in the audience requested a song with a banjo, so Jorri was invited to play with the quartet for the encore; here’s a little video I made of it.

Keep an eye on The Idumea Quartet‘s Facebook page for events and if you ever have a chance to go and see them, go! You won’t regret it.

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